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Common Questions

How do I get my new credentials (username/password)

Your credentials will be emailed to you on June 12th. You will receive 2 separate emails containing your username and password.  Company ID will no longer be required as part of the login process.

Where will I access Business Online Banking?

You can still access your account using the main Login box on firstib.com. Now all you need to do is input your username and password, then click the green “Login” button.

What information will be transferred to the new platform?

You will be able to view your accounts, past transaction history and be able to access to all of your past statements. We will also be transferring your ACH and Wire templates (that have been created prior to 6/3/2019) to the new platform.

Will any of my information not be carried over as part of this upgrade?

If you have any ACH payments scheduled for after 6/12/2019, you will need to recreate those in the new platform (download our ACH quick start guide to see how to setup payments). While we will be setting up the main administrator, sub-users previously setup will need to be recreated. A guide for new user setups can be found here.

Who do I call for help?

Your relationship manager is happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also call us at 1-888-873-3424 for assistance.

Is there a business mobile app available?

Yes, you will be able to download our app from the Apple and Google Play stores beginning June 12th.

Will I keep my existing soft token for approvals?

Yes, you will be able to link your existing Symantec token. Token information can be entered by clicking the “My Settings” tab in the upper right corner, then selecting “Edit” next to security options. Enter your token information in the “By Security” field.

Which accounts are eligible for funds transfer services?

At this time, you can add the following external institution accounts to your portfolio:

  • Checking accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Money Market Savings accounts held at any commercial bank or credit union nationwide that is able to accept ACH transfers and investment accounts held at any of our affiliated online brokerage firms

We currently have access to most of the nation’s largest brokerage companies, and we will be adding several major brokerages in the near future.

Please note: The accounts held at First Internet Bank will be auto-enabled for this service. All of your outside accounts will be required to complete our account ownership verification process.

I would like to send a wire transfer from my account. How do I make this request?

To send an outgoing wire to another financial institution, you must complete an Outgoing Wire Request Form. To locate the form, log in to your online banking account, click Move Money, and then click Wire Transfer – Domestic or Wire Transfer – International. Wire transfers will be sent the same business day when we receive and verify the form before 3:00 PM (Eastern time). If we receive the form after 3:00 PM, we will initiate the wire transfer the next business day.

For your security, we will not send any wire transfer if we are not able to reach you by phone or email to verify the request.

Please note: First Internet Bank cannot process any wire or ACH transfer requests on federal holidays.

What does APR mean?

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate, a measure of the cost of credit expressed as a yearly rate. It is the finance charge on a loan over a one-year period expressed as a percentage. This is used to calculate and compare the actual finance costs of your loan. Learn more.