Personal Borrow

Finance your dreams and fund your future.

Borrow from First Internet Bank

A grand adventure, a renovated kitchen, a sweet ride — covering unexpected expenses or consolidating debt? Fund your big ideas with a loan from First Internet Bank! We make your borrowing experience easy and stress-free. Whatever your financial needs and goals, we offer a variety of lending options in all 50 states. From home equity lines of credit to convenient auto loans, we’re here to empower you.

Credit Cards

With competitive interest rates and no annual fees, our credit cards give you extra spending power. Did we hear you like getting cash back? Then check out our Cashback Card, and earn 3% cash back for gas transactions, 1% for all other purchases, plus an introductory rate for balance transfers — it’s like money in your pocket!


Recreational Vehicle Financing

It’s a big, beautiful world, and there are lots of ways to explore it. A recreational vehicle loan from First Internet Bank can help you get the RV, boat, motorcycle or horse trailer of your dreams. We also refinance existing loans, so talk to us and then get out there!


Auto Loans

You have places to go and we can help you get there. Whether you’re looking to purchase a shiny new car or a reliable pre-owned vehicle, we offer a range of auto loan options, with competitive rates and convenient payment plans.


Personal Loan

Personal Loans

With a personal loan from First Internet Bank, you can finance some of life’s very special — or unexpected — expenses. Whether it’s replacing a major appliance, consolidating debt or paying for that once-in-a-lifetime event, we’re here to help you.


Student Loans

Cover your education expenses with our Smart Option Student Loan® for First Internet Bank by Sallie Mae®. It offers a number of options to help you pay for college expenses not covered by scholarships or federal loans.