Fees Common to All Business Accounts

Electronic checking & savings account statements2 no charge
Paper checking & savings account statements2 $3.00 per statement
Paper line of credit statements no charge
Paper credit card statements no charge
Statement copies $3.00 per statement
Stop Payments (All items, including checks written, ACH transfers, and bill payment transactions) $30.00
ATM1, Debit, or Credit Card Replacement replacement card free first time, $5.00 per additional card
ATM Transaction1 no charge
Wire Transfers
Incoming Transfers3 $15.00
Outgoing Transfers – Domestic $20.00
Outgoing Transfers – Foreign3 $50.00
Deposits or payments to a First Internet Bank account made using a credit card 3% of amount or $10.00, whichever is greater
Cashiers Checks4 (includes checks issued to close an account) $5.00 each
Check Copies $5.00 per copy
Dormant Account Fee $5.00 per account per month
International Service Assessment Fee (applies to all ATM and debit (check) card transactions initiated at any non-US or non-US territory location) 2% of the purchase or cash advance amount (in U.S. Dollars)
Foreign currency check/draft processing charge $50.00 per item
Returned Item $20.00
Uncollected Funds Fee $30.00
Overnight Delivery5 $30.00
Garnishments, Executions & Levies $50.00
Account Reconcilement Assistance $20.00 per hour (min. 1 hour)
Research $20.00 per hour (min. 1 hour)

1 ATM Card available to sole proprietors only.
2 CD-only customers will not receive a statement.
3 Intermediate banks and/or beneficiary banks, if used, may deduct a fee from the total amount of your outgoing or incoming wires. See our Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure for details.
4 If a cashier’s check is lost, stolen, or destroyed, you may have to either purchase an indemnity bond or allow 90 days to pass without the original being presented/paid before the check is replaced.
5 Overnight delivery charge applies to next business day delivery within the contiguous United States only. Additional charges apply for shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or any international location. Additional charges apply for Saturday delivery.
Fees in effect as of 03/15/2018 and are subject to change.