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Need a little extra money to cover those unplanned or large expenses? Our Cashback credit card offers an introductory rate for balance transfers, and better yet, pays you 3% for gas transactions and 1% for all other purchases. You’ll almost be able to feel the money flying back into your pocket! For added convenience, you can use Apple Pay to make purchases with a single touch at thousands of stores and through participating apps. It’s an easier, faster and more secure way to pay, without the need to carry a wallet full of cards.

So let’s recap: Competitive interest rates, cash back for purchases and Apple Pay technology. Yes please!

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Cashback Card
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Cashback 3% for gas and 1% all other purchases
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases 12.99%
APR for Balance Transfers 12.99%
Cash Advance Rate 18.99%
Cash Advance Fee 2% of the amount of the cash advance; $10.00 minimum
Annual Fee $0
Monthly Payment Minimum 5% of new balance but not less than $25.00
Balance Transfers 3% of transfer amount
Foreign Transactions The lesser of 2% of the purchase or cash advance amount (in U.S. Dollars) or $10.00
Late Payment $18.50
Returned Item $20.00
Grace Period 25 days (to avoid periodic finance charges on purchases, the total payoff amount must be received by the payment due date)

Rates last updated 10/7/2020. Rates are subject to change on any day and will be updated by 10 AM Eastern. Please be sure to check this page after 10 AM Eastern for the rate that will be honored today.Review full Credit Card Terms & Conditions. Print the accompanying Credit Card Agreement.For additional information, visit our Disclosures page.

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