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Can I change the PIN for my ATM or debit card?

Yes. The Personal Identification Number (PIN) for your ATM and/or debit card is randomly generated. When you first receive your card, you will need to call the number printed on the sticker on the card to activate the card and set your own PIN. To change the PIN for an existing card, contact a Relationship Banker at 1-888-873-3424 and we can assign a temporary PIN while you’re on the phone. You will then be able to change the temporary PIN to a number you select.

I don’t want to receive my statement by mail. How do I request electronic statements?

To request electronic statements, log in to your online banking account. Click Additional Services, select Bills, Statements & Tax Forms and follow the on-screen prompts to confirm your account ownership. You will also have to accept the terms and conditions for receiving your statements electronically.

A company has made an unauthorized charge to my First Internet Bank credit card. Can First Internet Bank block this merchant from making future charges to my account?

First Internet Bank cannot block a merchant from charging your account. If you feel that a charge has been made to your account in error, you must first contact the merchant directly to attempt to resolve the disputed charge before you can file a dispute with First Internet Bank. When and if it becomes necessary to file a dispute with us, you will need to provide documentation of your attempt to resolve the matter with the merchant.

Documentation, at a minimum, should include the date and time(s) of your contact with the merchant, the name(s) of the person(s) to whom you spoke, and the response(s) you received. The merchant has 30 days to credit your account.

If you are unable to resolve the matter with the merchant, you may file a Visa dispute form and submit it to us as quickly as possible. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view and print the form. If you cannot print the dispute form, please call us at 1-888-873-3424 and we will email, fax or mail the form to you.

I don’t want to mail a check each month for my loan payment. Can I make an automatic payment electronically each month?

Absolutely! You can set up recurring or one time payments through our online banking portal. You can also see your account details and transaction history. Just log on, click “Move Money”, then choose your preferred payment option under “Loans & Credit Cards.” If you have not yet set up online banking, you can call us toll-free at 1-888-873-3424 during normal business hours and we will help you set up online access.

Alternatively, you can complete the Authorization To Make Automatic Loan Payments form and return it using the instructions on the form. Per your instruction, First Internet Bank will withdraw funds from your account at another financial institution and credit your First Internet Bank loan account. We can begin automatic loan payments within 14 days of receiving your request. If you supply us with your email address when you complete the form, we will send an email confirmation to notify you when the set-up process is complete. Call us at 1-888-873-3424 if you need assistance.