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How can I check on the status of my recent funds transfers?

Click Move Money, select External Transfers and then Activity. You’ll see a list of your funds transfer requests over the past 90 days. The screen shows the reference number of each transaction, the date you requested each transfer, the origin account (funds transferred from) and destination account (funds transferred to) of each funds transfer, the dollar amount of each transfer and the current status of each transfer.

When do you execute my funds transfer request?

Your funds transfer request enters into the ACH system on the business day following receipt of your request, provided you’ve made your transaction request funds transfer execution message by 8:00 p.m. Eastern time.

How long does it take to complete a funds transfer?

One-time transfers using the Premium service are completed the next business day following your request. Standard transfers may take three to four business days.

Please note: The completion of a transfer, including the availability of funds in the destination account and access to the transaction details, will depend in part upon how quickly your account is updated after receiving the funds transfer.

Full details regarding your funds transfer requests are viewable on the Activity screen in the Transfer Status section. The funds will be posted to your destination account once the funds have been successfully drawn from your source account. Your transaction remains in process for four business days from the day you sent your request. Provided we have not received notice of any problems with the transfer, the status will be updated to Complete, indicating a successful transaction.

What should I do if I wish to cancel a funds transfer request?

You can cancel your request at any time before the cutoff time (3:00 Eastern). Once your request has been transmitted to ACH, you cannot cancel the transaction. To cancel the transaction before the cutoff time, click on the account next to the transaction on the Activity page and follow the instructions. If you miss the cutoff time, your best option is to request a second transfer between the same two accounts sending the funds back to its point of origin (in effect reversing your first transfer). Please note: First Internet Bank charges a fee for debit transactions to your First Internet Bank account.

What do the directions INTO (First Internet Bank) and OUT OF (First Internet Bank) for funds transfer mean?

The INTO (First Internet Bank) funds transfer refers to the funds that come into your account to be credited by the specified amount. The OUT OF (First Internet Bank) Funds Transfer refers to the funds that move out of your account and to be debited by the specified amount.

How will I know when a funds transfer is complete?

The Funds Transfer Status section on the Overview screen provides an up-to-date status for all of your funds transfer requests over the past 90 days. Each transfer request is displayed along with the date and status of the transaction. You should also be able to confirm the completion of the transaction with the receiving financial institution four business days after your transaction request.

How do I transfer funds between my enabled accounts?

Click Move Money and select Make a transfer. Complete the form and review the details of your funds transfer request. If everything is correct, click the Make transfer button.

To revise your request, click Edit or Cancel to make any necessary changes. When you’re ready, click Confirm. You will see a Transfer Acknowledge screen, where you’ll be given a reference number for your transaction. The details of the transfer will also appear on the Overview screen in the Recent Transactions section, and on the History page, which offers a detailed view of your funds transfer history including the status of all transactions executed over the past 12 months.

How do I sign up for the funds transfer service?

To sign up, you’ll first need to log in to your online banking account and click Move Money. Once you’ve reviewed and accepted the User Agreement, you will be taken to the Overview page. You’ll also need to validate your email address by clicking on the link from the message on the Overview page. You will be asked to enter the 20-digit validation code you received from the email you received at the email address you provided. Once that has been completed, click Add Accounts to add your bank account(s) and begin the trial deposit to verify account ownership.

Can I set up regularly recurring funds transfers?

Yes. Recurring transfers are sent as a standard transfer (with a three business day turnaround). Log in to your online banking account, click Move Money and select Schedule a Transfer. Check the Repeat transfer box to create a recurring transfer.

Can I set up a funds transfer now to be executed at a future date?

Yes. Future-dated transfers are sent as a standard transfer (with a three business day turnaround). Log in to your online banking account, click Move Money and select Schedule a Transfer.