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Whether it’s to start a business, buy a house or save for retirement, you’ve decided that NOW is the time to move forward with your financial goals. We call this realization an “aha moment.” And here we provide the insights and information you need to activate your aha and bank on your own ideas!

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Saving money, budgeting, paying down debt — these topics can be critical to your financial security. We make every effort to cover important issues like these in ways that make sense to you. And we share our insights to deepen your understanding of vital financial subjects, to help you to make wiser decisions.

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Keep up with what’s happening at First Internet Bank. Discover how we’re growing, what we’re doing to enhance your customer experience and where we’re making a positive impact in our communities.

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We do the work of investigating and highlighting the issues that are critical to your financial health. Our blog articles are packed with practical tips and steps you may take to avoid financial mistakes, keep your financial information safe and reach your goals.

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