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What is iScan?

iScan Deposit is a service from First Internet Bank that allows you to deposit checks made payable to you by scanning, rather than mailing, the check and uploading it through our online banking site. It also gives you quicker access to funds. When you scan a check by 3:00 PM Eastern time, your check will be posted by 6:00 PM Eastern time the same business day. You’ll also avoid the hassle of finding an ATM to accept deposits or request deposit envelopes.

With your computer and scanner, you have everything you need — including peace of mind that you’ll always know the status of your check. iScan Deposit can be used from home, work or any other trusted workstation equipped with an everyday scanner. In addition to iScan, you can also deposit checks through the First Internet Bank mobile app.

How will I know if First Internet Bank received my deposit?

If you receive an online receipt/confirmation using iScan Deposit, your item has been received by First Internet Bank.

Please note: This does not necessarily mean it has been reviewed or accepted, simply received. We will email you the same business day if an item cannot be deposited using the iScan service.

If I scan a check using iScan, when will my funds be available?

Items submitted through iScan Deposit by 3:00 PM Eastern time on a business day, and accepted by First Internet Bank, will be credited by 6:00 PM Eastern time that same day. Items submitted after 3:00 PM Eastern time on a business day, or those made on non-business days, will be credited by 6:00 PM Eastern time on the next business day. As with any check deposit, a funds availability hold may be placed against items deposited through iScan. Please refer to the Funds Availability Policy for details.

What do I do with the check after I use iScan to deposit it?

You retain physical control and responsibility for the check. Do not send it to First Internet Bank or negotiate the item anywhere else unless instructed to do so by a First Internet Bank representative. You are responsible for storing the check for a reasonable period of time, not to exceed 90 days, and then destroying the item.

I just received a check payable to me from a person/business. Can I deposit it using iScan?

Most likely, yes. Most items you receive in normal course and act upon in a timely fashion will be able to be deposited through iScan.

What if iScan will not accept my item?

Unfortunately, not every item will meet all criteria for iScan Deposit service. In these cases, please deposit the item via a local ATM that accepts First Internet Bank deposits or mail the item to us using one of our free, postage-paid deposit envelopes. To order more deposit envelopes through your online banking account, click Additional Services and select Request Deposit Envelopes. You can also contact a Relationship Banker at bank@firstib.com or 1-888-873-3424.

Note: You can also deposit checks using the First Internet Bank mobile app on any iPhone or Android phone.

Can I use my scanner at home/work/school for iScan, or do I need a special scanner?

You can use any TWAIN-compliant scanner to image the front and back of your item. This simply means that almost any flatbed or all-in-one type scanner is acceptable.

Can I deposit a third party check (one that was originally payable to someone else) in my account if they sign it over to me?

No. All checks must be originally made payable to an account owner to be eligible for iScan. Please refer to the iScan User Agreement for other types of items that are ineligible to be deposited using the service.