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What is the daily limit for ATM withdrawals?

The daily withdrawal limit for ATM withdrawals is $750 per day. Note: ATM owners may place lower limits on the amount you can withdraw in a single session.

Can I change the PIN for my ATM or debit card?

Yes. The Personal Identification Number (PIN) for your ATM and/or debit card is randomly generated. When you first receive your card, you will need to call the number printed on the sticker on the card to activate the card and set your own PIN. To change the PIN for an existing card, contact a Relationship Banker at 1-888-873-3424 and we can assign a temporary PIN while you’re on the phone. You will then be able to change the temporary PIN to a number you select.

How does the ATM Surcharge Rebate program work?

Any customer with an Interest Checking, Money Market Savings, and/or Regular Savings account is automatically enrolled for our ATM Surcharge Rebate program. On the last day of the month, the number of ATM surcharges you incurred over the month will be totaled and you will receive a rebate of up to $10. Please note: Rebates are applied at the end of the month and not as transactions occur. The surcharge rebate is calculated on a per-customer basis, rather than a per-account basis.

When you make an ATM withdrawal, the ATM network sends a transmission of the total amount of your transaction. The ATM network does not identify how much of the total dollar amount is the cash withdrawal and how much is the surcharge. Therefore, our systems run a program at the end of the month to calculate the surcharge.

First, we identify all ATM transactions. Then, we divide the amount of the transaction by 5, as most ATMs will dispense cash in multiples of $5 (usually $10 or even $20). If the remainder matches any of the amounts below, then we consider the remainder to be a surcharge.

  • $0.50
  • $0.75
  • $0.99
  • $1.00
  • $1.25
  • $1.50
  • $1.75
  • $2.00
  • $2.50
  • $3.00
  • $3.50
  • $4.00
  • $4.50


The system totals the surcharges incurred during the month. If the amount is less than $10, we credit your account with the total of the surcharges. If the amount is equal to or greater than $10, we credit your account with $10. If you feel that we did not credit your account for the correct amount of ATM surcharges incurred, please contact us at bank@firstib.com or 1-888-873-3424.

Can I get an ATM card with my First Internet Bank account?

Absolutely! The ATM card is available with any personal checking or savings account. You may use your card to withdraw funds from your First Internet Bank account at any ATM displaying the PLUS symbol. If you already have an account and would like to request a card, please call us at 1-888-873-3424. We also offer a debit card for checking account customers.

Where can I find an ATM that will accept a deposit to my First Internet Bank account?

Many PLUS ATMs will accept deposits to your First Internet Bank account. Locate a PLUS ATM near you that will accept your deposit.

Can I bank with First Internet Bank if I am not from Indiana?

Absolutely! First Internet Bank has a state charter from the state of Indiana, but we have customers from all 50 states as well as US territories and military bases.

What should I do if my check card, ATM card, or credit card is lost or stolen?

If your card has been lost or stolen, call our automated system toll-free at 1-800-322-4058, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will need your 16-digit card number, Social Security number, and date of birth to use the automated system. Important Note: For security reasons, the touch-tone system will not automatically issue a new card to you. If you have reported the card lost or stolen by phone and would like a replacement card, please contact a First Internet Bank Relationship Banker at 1-888-873-3424. If you do not have your card number, you can report a lost or stolen card through the online banking site. Log in to your online banking account, click Additional Services, then select Report Lost/Stolen Card. Please complete the entire form and indicate whether you need a replacement card. Your liabilities for charges incurred while your card is lost or stolen are outlined in our Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure.

What are the fees to use an ATM?

First Internet Bank does not charge a fee to withdraw or deposit money through an ATM when the transaction occurs in the United States or its territories. When the transaction occurs outside the United States, an international transaction fee applies. Regardless of location, the owner of the ATM may choose to assess a fee for using its ATM. However, First Internet Bank offers an ATM Surcharge Rebate program to customers with an Interest Checking, Regular Savings or Money Market Savings account that reimburses up to $10 per month in ATM fees.

On what basis are debit card purchases approved?

When you withdraw cash at an ATM or make a purchase using your First Internet Bank debit card, the transaction is approved or declined based on available funds in your primary checking account at that very moment. Funds you may have in other accounts with us, including savings accounts or overdraft lines of credit, are not factored into the approval decision. If you have enough available funds in your primary checking account to cover the purchase, we will approve the transaction.