Purpose HQ

Keeping the future certain in uncertain times

John Qualls understands talent and having the right people for the job. As the owner of Purpose HQ, an early-stage talent management consulting company, he uses cutting-edge technology and analytics to help businesses make better informed decisions to align people with their purpose and the work they do.

When it came time to seek a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan, John sought the talents of a strong partner. That’s why he came to First Internet Bank. He notes, “This was our first SBA loan and we were looking for a bank that could not only guide us through the process, but advise us on the best approach to support our need.”

John was already familiar with First Internet Bank because he had followed President and CEO David Becker as he created and grew the first entirely online FDIC-insured bank.  Becker’s entrepreneurial success was among the reasons Purpose HQ partnered with the bank’s SBA team for their loan.

The choice turned out to be a wise one. John added, “Working with my SBA loan officer, was great! Her knowledge and guidance was invaluable. She made a mountain of paperwork look like a smooth ride on a paved road…fast, efficient and thorough.”

The results of the SBA loan have been 100% positive: “Our loan gave us a runway in the early stages of the organization’s development. In addition, with the pandemic, it provided a much-needed stopgap for unforeseen challenges, keeping Purpose HQ’s future certain in uncertain times. It’s so much better to focus on growing the business instead of worrying if it will exist due to lack of early-stage capital.”

And would he recommend First Internet Bank for other small and emerging businesses?  John stated, “Without hesitation. A referral is a reflection of ME as well as the organization being referred. First Internet Bank makes me look smart!”


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