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New EMV chip technology. Enhanced security. Peace of mind.

First IB is committed to safeguarding your information. To improve payment security and give you peace of mind for your card transactions, First IB has transitioned to credit and debit cards that are enhanced with chip technology. The embedded EMV chip adds another layer of security when used at chip-enabled machines. The “chip card” offers the same convenience, but with added security.

What is an EMV chip card?
A chip card is a standard debit or credit card embedded with a computer microchip — a little silver square on the front of the card — in addition to the traditional magnetic strip.

How does it work?
The EMV chip produces a one-time code for each transaction to ensure more secure processing and protect your card against unauthorized use. The chip also makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit. Here’s a short video from Visa that provides more detail about chip cards.

How do I use it?
Instead of swiping your card, you’ll insert the card into the reader and leave it there until your transaction is complete. If your favorite store hasn’t switched to the new chip card readers, don’t worry. You can still swipe your chip card just as you have before.

Chip card readers may not look the same, but the process is nearly identical for all machines:

  1. Insert the card face up with the chip first.
  2. Leave the card in the terminal for the entire transaction.
  3. Follow the prompts and sign your receipt or enter your PIN.
  4. Remove your card when your purchase is complete.

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