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We’re Upgrading Your Bill Payment Experience!

By First IB on May 5, 2015

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At First Internet Bank, we know you’re always looking for ways to manage your finances more quickly, easily and conveniently. We are upgrading our bill pay screens (in personal online … Read More

Traveling Abroad with Your First IB Card…and Peace of Mind

By First IB on April 13, 2015

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An international trip requires careful preparation, and that includes planning your vacation spending. Your First Internet Bank Visa® card is a safe and convenient way to make purchases at millions … Read More

Taking the Fear Out of Adjustable-Rate Mortgages

By First IB on February 18, 2015

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Adjustable-rate mortgages generally get a bad rap. But in some cases, choosing an ARM rather than a fixed-rate mortgage makes more sense and can potentially save you thousands of dollars … Read More

Internet Banking: Everything But Lollipops

By First IB on February 18, 2015

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Aside from the long lines (and lollipops), there isn’t much that a traditional branch has that First Internet Bank does not. With a bank charter and FDIC insurance, First Internet … Read More

Why Refinance?

By First IB Mortgage Team on August 28, 2014

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There are lots of reasons homeowners just like you refinance a mortgage loan. Does one or more of these apply to you? 1) Lower your mortgage rate and reduce your … Read More

Considerations for First-Time Homebuyers

By First IB Mortgage Team on August 19, 2014

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Undeniably, renting offers a lot of flexibility and puts the landlord on the hook for maintenance and upkeep. Of course, when you grow tired of sharing walls with neighbors, or … Read More

Your Credit Matters!

By First IB Mortgage Team on August 14, 2014

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Maintaining a good credit score will help you qualify for the best possible terms on a mortgage. Typically, borrowers with excellent credit scores receive lower rates and better loan terms. … Read More

What You Can Do to Stay Safe Online

By First IB Security Team on August 11, 2014

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You play a crucial role in preventing others from logging on to your account. CHOOSE YOUR PASSWORD WISELY Never use easy-to-guess passwords, such as your date of birth, pet’s name, … Read More

How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

By First IB Security Team on August 8, 2014

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At First IB, we want to help you protect yourself from becoming an unwitting victim of identity theft and online fraud. Here are some steps you can take to protect … Read More

How Much Home Can I Afford?

By First IB Mortgage Team on August 2, 2014

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“How much house can I really afford?” We hear it all the time. The amount of mortgage you can be approved for is determined by two qualifying ratios: Mortgage Payment … Read More

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