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Understanding the New Process for Buying a Home

By First IB on October 28, 2015

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The process for buying a home is different than it used to be. Following the 2008 housing crisis, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was directed by Federal financial reform legislation … Read More

[VIDEO] Answering Our Top 5 Questions

By First IB on October 14, 2015

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If you’re unfamiliar with online banking, you might have questions about accessing and depositing money, using ATMs and getting help. Watch this short video to get answers to some common … Read More

Take the Worry Out of Paying for Healthcare Expenses

By First IB on September 23, 2015

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We all need health insurance. Wouldn’t it be great to pay for your healthcare expenses while saving money AND reducing taxes? Enter the First Internet Bank Health Savings Account. Health … Read More

[VIDEO] Demystifying the Home Appraisal Process

By First IB on July 31, 2015

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A home appraisal can be stressful…but it doesn’t have to be. Watch this short video to learn how an appraisal works, what you can expect during the process and tips … Read More

Benefits of a Good Credit Report

By First IB on July 29, 2015

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A solid credit history can be one of your most useful and powerful financial assets. A record of wise credit use and timely payments can increase the likelihood that you’ll … Read More

No Summer Vacation for Your Finances

By First IB on July 23, 2015

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Summers can be a relaxing time for family activities, travel and vacations. While you may be looking forward to enjoying a slower pace this summer, it’s not the time to … Read More

Factors That Influence Loan Interest Rates

By First IB on July 9, 2015

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Interest rates determine the cost of borrowing money from financial institutions and are typically expressed as percentages. That seems easy enough, but things can get a bit more complicated when … Read More

Which is Better — A 30-Year or 15-Year Fixed Mortgage?

By First IB on June 23, 2015

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Choosing the best mortgage option really depends on your situation and your financial goals. The most common conventional mortgage program is a 30-year fixed rate loan. As the name implies, … Read More

Planning a Vacation — Save Now or Pay More Later

By First IB on June 23, 2015

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If a summer vacation is in your plans, consider the financial implications as you finish planning your trip. How much is the vacation going to cost? Will you drive or … Read More

8 Steps to Simplify Your Finances

By First IB on June 12, 2015

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Time is a precious commodity. The team at First Internet Bank has pulled together eight ideas to help you save time and reduce the stress and anxiety of managing your … Read More

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