Tips to Lower Your Energy Bill

in Your Life, Your Money

Energy conservation is more important than ever. Using resources wisely not only helps preserve and protect our environment, it will also protect your pocketbook when utility bills are on the rise. Thankfully, a few simple choices and small changes in your daily routine can make a big difference in reducing your energy bill.

Make your home a temperate zone

Sure, it’s always tempting to crank up the furnace so that you can enjoy that flow of warm air when you come home on a cold winter’s day. But while it is comforting, it is also expensive. To lower your monthly electricity bill more, raise the thermostat less.

Saving here is as simple as a turn of the dial: in the winter, set the temperature a few degrees cooler than you normally would; in the summer, a few degrees warmer. Not only will you pay less each month when the energy bills come due, you will also put less stress on your furnace and air conditioner.

A bright idea

Replacing the older light bulbs in your home with newer, energy-efficient ones can dramatically lower your electricity costs without making the room dreary. In addition to lowering utility bills, these bulbs need to be replaced far less often than conventional ones, offsetting the additional cost.

Also, some energy-efficient bulbs are even brighter than the previous equivalent. This means, in some cases, that you might be able to use only one bulb in a fixture that usually requires two.

Not in use? Turn it off

It only takes a moment to turn off the light when you leave a room. That alone helps to reduce utility costs…and further contributes to longer lightbulb life. Make sure other family members are doing the same – the result can really help make the bills less painful.

Do you keep your television or radio on simply for background noise? Try turning it off unless you are actively watching or listening. You may find that you enjoy the peace and quiet, and your wallet will definitely thank you for it!

Leave your computer on all the time, too? Turning it off overnight can have a beneficial effect on your energy bill next month. Even small changes like these can add up to big savings.

One or the other

Does a typical evening consist of surfing the web while watching television? Maybe now is the time to undertake a money-saving experiment. If you are watching television, turn the computer off. When you’re online, don’t leave the TV on. It is very unlikely that you can be equally focused on both…and you are wasting energy.

And, since you are online frequently, anyway, why not consider watching your favorite television shows on a streaming service? Many of today’s most popular sitcoms and reality shows are broadcast in their entirety online just one or two days after they air on television. And the energy savings will be worth the wait!

New Appliances

Virtually all new appliances use less energy than older ones. And yes, this move will involve an upfront expenditure to buy energy-efficient appliances – but the monthly savings should make the purchase well worth it. Eventually, your new appliances will pay for themselves, thanks to the money saved on utility bills.

If you’re ready to make a few small changes, you can save money on your electric bills. All it takes is a willingness to do something different and a desire for more cash in your pocket! With a little effort, you can begin to experience the benefits of your efforts as soon as next month’s utility bill.