Optimize Your Balance. Maximize Your Profits.

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Building a profitable business can be hard…And as profits grow, making the most of them becomes increasingly important. Your longer-term goals may include expansion, acquisition of another firm or simply reaching the point where downtimes can be comfortably ridden out. And that requires maximizing the money at hand. There are options when it comes to putting your money to work; most solutions, however, can involve tying your cash up for a period of time. This can be particularly challenging when need or opportunity arise. But now, getting the most from your hard-earned profits just got a lot easier!

 Balance Optimizer from Do More BusinessTM Checking maximizes earnings by moving money seamlessly between checking and either a First Internet Bank Business Money Market or Business Savings account to earn higher-yield interest. And that builds your bottom line.

 Here’s how it works:

  • Open Balance Optimizer and set a daily target balance (what you want to maintain in Do More Business Checking account)
  • Any funds above the target will be moved into your First IB Business Money Market/Business Savings account each day, where they earn a greater Annual Percentage Yield
  • Should you fall below the target balance, funds are automatically transferred back from your savings to replenish your checking account

It’s that easy. With Do More Business Checking and a Business Money Market or Business Savings account, you’re just moments away from putting your profits to work. Apply today and discover better business banking – along with a bigger bottom line. Do More, Imagine More…and now Balance Optimizer helps you earn more!