5 Tips for an Enjoyable Staycation

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A relaxing and memorable vacation doesn’t necessarily mean you have to travel far from home. While there is a certain appeal to getting out of your house and going to an exotic destination, it’s still possible to have a great vacation without wandering far from your doorstep. We’ve compiled a list of five tips to ensure you have a successful staycation.

  1. Set some ground rules
    Think of the things that you wouldn’t do on a vacation away from home, and avoid the temptation to do them: Avoid checking your work email, doing laundry or cleaning the house. Also consider stopping the mail or turning off the phone’s ringtone, just to minimize the things from daily life that you have to deal with when you’re not on vacation.
  2. Establish a budget for the week’s activities
    Since you’ve saved on travel expenses by staying closer to home, evaluate how much you’re willing to spend. Consider going out for meals so you don’t have to cook and clean up each time you eat. Or plan a splurge activity — something that you typically wouldn’t do while you’re at home.
  3. As you would with a normal vacation, prepare!
    While you don’t need to pack for time away, try to get all of the house chores done so you don’t have to worry about them during your staycation. If you aren’t going to eat out for all your meals, cook ahead of time. Enlist the family’s help to get the house clean and the laundry done the day before you “leave.”
  4. Get creative
    Planning activities will take some out-of-the-box thinking, but have fun with it! Ask the whole family for their input of things they’d like to do. Some potential ideas include: a visit to the zoo or children’s museum, a campout at home, a movie marathon with plenty of snacks, an indoor or outdoor obstacle course with items found around the house or a tour of your own town.
  5. Make a schedule, or make it up as you go
    If you’re a family who likes everything planned out, create a schedule before your staycation begins. If your family likes spontaneity, choose your activities at the beginning of the day or just see where the day leads you!

Go into your staycation in the mindset that this is like any other vacation — it just happens to be one that allows you to save money! Whether it’s for an entire week or just a couple days, enjoy yourself and let go of your daily life. Who knows…staycations could become your new yearly family tradition!