Putting the “Work” in Working Capital

in Your Business

If you’ve wandered around the Business side of our website, perhaps you’ve seen references to our Treasury Management services. And it’s likely that, unless you operate or are involved in the financial functions of a business, the term is something of a mystery.

Managing working capital on a day-to-day basis is vital for any business. First Internet Bank’s dedicated experts are focused on working closely with businesses and providing processes that are customized to their unique needs. Our Treasury Management solutions can help organizations:

  • Speed collections
  • Pay funds in a timely fashion
  • Utilize excess capital efficiently
  • Access information with powerful tools
  • Provide accurate reporting
  • Mitigate risk

Streamlining cash management and return on excess capital can give businesses a competitive edge. For many companies, it’s also an important part of their ongoing growth strategy. When keeping up with increasingly complex financial processes becomes challenging, Treasury Management services from a trusted financial institution make sense.

From non-profit groups and municipalities to manufacturers and professional services, First Internet Bank serves a wide range of industries and organizations. We view Treasury Management as relationship banking at its highest level. The cornerstone of this partnership with clients is our ability to provide a full suite of financial management products and services for:

  • Complex operating environments
  • Businesses with multiple tax IDs
  • Operations requiring dedicated oversight

First Internet Bank’s Treasury Management team can provide the ideal solutions for your business. If you’re looking to make your financial processes work for you, we can help. To learn more visit https://www.firstib.com//business/deposits/treasury-management-3/.