8 Steps to Simplify Your Finances

in Your Money

Time is a precious commodity. The team at First Internet Bank has pulled together eight ideas to help you save time and reduce the stress and anxiety of managing your personal finances.

  1. Enroll for direct deposit
    Save time and avoid the hassle of depositing your check. Plus, you’ll have faster access to your funds.
  2. Sign up for overdraft protection
    Avoid the cost, hassle and embarrassment of a bounced payment. Explore the options we offer.
  3. Use electronic bill payment
    Eliminate the dreaded task of writing and — gasp — mailing checks.
  4. Establish an automatic savings plan
    Give your savings a boost with regular, automatic transfers to your savings or money market account. Use our online banking system to establish scheduled transfers.
  5. Consolidate your financial relationships
    Dealing with one institution makes everything easier. (It just so happens that we already have one in mind.)
  6. Build a safety cushion
    Be ready for unexpected expenses or use some extra for a special vacation.
  7. Consider personal finance software
    Many programs make handling your finances easier and quicker. (We offer Money Management to help you transform your financial management experience.)
  8. Review your investments
    Make sure your asset allocation matches your time horizon and risk tolerance. Consult a financial advisor.

At First Internet Bank, we’re all about convenience and simplifying your personal finances. Contact a First Internet Bank Relationship Banker at 1-888-873-3424 or bank@firstib.com with any questions or to let us know how we can help you shorten your financial to-do list.