Eat an Elephant One Bite at a Time: Small Ways to Save

in Your Money

If you’re looking for ways to save money, it’s easier to start small and build momentum with easy wins over time. You’ve likely heard common savings tips like avoiding daily lattes, paying your savings first and packing your lunch more often. But there are many other small ways you can keep more money in your wallet and bank account.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • 30-day rule
    Considering a splurge? Write down what you’re thinking of buying and wait 30 days. At the end of the waiting period, see if you still want it — and can afford it.
  • Use a basket
    When making smaller grocery store runs, use a basket instead of a shopping cart. This will keep you from adding unnecessary items, since they won’t fit into your basket or will make your basket too heavy and uncomfortable to carry.
  • Put it back
    Every time you shop (besides just picking up a gallon of milk), give something back to the cashier or remove one thing from your cart before checking out. This helps curb buyer’s remorse.
  • Live actively
    Not only is this good for your health, but if you make time to work out, you’re less likely to go out to dinner, frequent your favorite watering hole or shop. Also, consider going on a fitness date. Taking a walk with a friend or your significant other is an inexpensive way to catch up and be healthy at the same time!
  • Pack a snack
    Out running errands? Place a snack in your bag or car to avoid the drive-thru when your stomach growls.
  • Go to sleep
    Use less electricity and avoid late night snacking and/or drinking by sleeping the recommended eight hours a night. Bonus – getting enough sleep helps you avoid illness and possible medical bills or pharmacy runs.
  • Cook with the crockpot
    Did you know that running a crockpot takes less energy than cooking with your oven or on a stovetop burner? Plus, crockpot recipes often produce leftovers that can be frozen for additional meals.
  • Drink water
    You’ve probably heard you should drink water at restaurants, but committing to drinking more water each day from the tap will also lessen the amount of juice and soda you purchase. Concerned about water quality? Using a filter for your faucet or a filtering pitcher will save you money over purchasing bottled water in the long run.
  • Buddy up
    Spend time with friends who are thrifty and trying to save money, too. Influence each other and share money-saving ideas. Tell someone you trust your financial goals and check back in with him or her to help hold yourself accountable.
  • Don’t BAND-AID® buy
    Buying an item when upset or emotional often leads to regret. An impulsive purchase like a milkshake might brighten your mood in the moment, but it will negate your workout in the long run. If “retail therapy” is your weakness, buying a pair of expensive shoes could push you over your weekly budget. Calm down first, then shop.

Try following these guidelines and track the purchases you avoided. Your wallet and bank account will thank you! (Shameless plug: If you want to maximize your savings, consider a First Internet Bank online savings account). Contact a Relationship Banker today at 1-888-873-3424 for more information or visit us online at to open an account.