Business Banking Fraud: Protecting Our Customers

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At First Internet Bank, keeping your account and information safe and secure every day is our top priority. We use only the most current, top-rated network technology – like firewalls, encryption and secure sessions – to ensure that every one of your online transactions is protected.

For example, our sophisticated bank software recognizes duplicate serial numbers of checks, similar to a Stop Payment request. It also reviews for check serial numbers that are out of sequence with cleared items. Here are other ways we work to prevent fraud:

Business Online Banking Safeguards

  • Thresholds set for Automated Clearing House (ACH), Wire and Remote Deposit
  • All outgoing payments (ACH, Wire) require dual control, with second approver
  • Multi-factor authentication: password/security token is required to move money from the bank
  • Complex device identification with “one-time” cookie matched against digital fingerprint; characteristics review including PC configuration, Internet Protocol (IP) address, geolocation and other factors
  • Security token password for sending outgoing payments changes every 30 seconds
  • When ACH or Wire is originated, a notification email is sent to the user
  • Email alerts sent for balance fluctuations

Fraud Prevention Services and Tools for Transactions

  • Check Positive Pay – Utilize Internet Banking to review account daily
  • ACH Positive Pay – Debit Block/Filter
  • Reconcile Daily/Monthly (with separation of duties between payment issuer/reconciler)

Computer-based fraud is more prevalent than ever. And in 2021, we’re committed to maintaining a constant vigilance. Our systems are designed to guard against potential malicious activity and provide consistent, uninterrupted service to our customers. In a very real sense, the future of your business – and ours – depends on understanding online enemies and having the effective defenses we provide against them.