The First IB Debit Card

In this busy day and age, it's nice to avoid the hassle of writing checks or paying cash for everyday purchases. That's why the First IB debit card, offered automatically with every First IB Checking Account, is accepted everywhere you see the VISA® sign. That’s more than 18 million merchant locations worldwide!

  • Pay with a wave

    New technology allows you to make your purchases faster than ever! Simply wave your card in front of the reader wherever you see this symbol: image

    When you pay this way, no signature is required for most purchases under $25. Just pay for your purchases and go!

  • Pay with a swipe

    As always, you can swipe your card to make a purchase anywhere Visa is accepted. You may have the option to choose debit or credit. If you choose “credit”, just sign and go! If you choose “debit”, you’ll need to enter your PIN—and some merchants may offer you cash back without a surcharge.

  • Get cash at ATMs

    Withdraw cash using your First IB Debit Card at ATMs displaying the PLUS® symbol: over 1.1 million ATMs worldwide. Best of all, you won’t be charged a fee by First IB for ATM withdrawals.

    Locate the PLUS® ATM nearest you.

  • ATM-only Cards

    An ATM-only card, which allows cash withdrawals at ATMs but cannot be used to make purchases through the Visa network, is available upon request.