First Internet Bank Piques Consumer Interest in Real-Time Internet Banking Products & Services

New Real-Time Internet Bank has quick take-off after global exposure; Offers Industry Leading Interest Rates

First Internet Bank of Indiana (firstib.com), a real-time Internet-only financial institution, announced today that in its first week of operation, it has received overwhelming support from consumers who seek to access their financial accounts and execute transaction in a real-time environment via the Internet.

Since its official launch of Feb. 22, firstib.com has activated nearly 150 accounts with deposits worth approximately $990,000. firstib.com has also delivered some 400 account application kits to potential customers who seek more information regarding firstib.com's product and services. Its site has received over 100,000 hits from consumers who want to catch a glimpse of how real-time transactions can give individuals unprecedented control of their money.

"Consumer response to firstib.com's website has been enthusiastic," said David Becker, Chairman of firstib.com. "Customers have found the site to be intuitive and user-friendly, since 'surfing' within the site is made easy through simple and clear navigation tools."

According to customer representatives within firstib.com, many consumers are intrigued by the idea of fulfilling their banking needs at their own convenience, with competitive interest rates offered on loan, money market savings, and checking accounts.

"Apart from our competitive interest rates and convenience factor, many customers are attracted by our online chats with customer service representatives," said Nicole Sunkel, Director of Marketing for firstib.com. "The online chat feature is extremely useful to customers with Internet access via a single phone line, or for those customers needing an instant response, something e-mail cannot provide. During a chat session, a customer service representative can answer a customer's questions and even steer the browser if necessary to point out information or instructions."

Customers with accounts at other banks are also utilizing the ACH (Automated Clearing House) origination feature to deposit with firstib.com. By creating a debit to existing checking accounts, customers can move money from a checking account at another institution to a higher interest yielding checking account at firstib.com at no cost to the customer.

"Many industry analysts have wondered why nobody else has offered the ACH origination feature before," said Mr. Becker. "Through the ACH feature, customers can set up a recurring monthly automated debit from their local checking accounts to their interest accounts at firstib.com. Customers can also use ACH to create monthly bill payments to their service vendors. And all these services can be easily activated through our website."

firstib.com offers a full suite of banking services that includes checking, money market savings, certificates of deposit, loans, bill payment services, credit cards and ATM cash cards. firstib.com offers significant customer benefits over traditional retail banks including real-time processing of all transactions and continuous services available 24X7X365 via the Internet, ATM, and touch-tone phone. Customers also enjoy industry leading interest rates on checking, savings, money markets, and certificates of deposit..

About firstib.com

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, firstib.com is the first state chartered Internet bank with accounts insured by the FDIC. It is the first "Extended Value Online Bank" to deliver a full range of real-time Internet banking products with personalized interactive services, as well as offering competitive rates. Its business model enables customers to facilitate Internet banking in a real-time environment, as well as empower users to better manage their own finances.