First Internet Bank Announces ATM Surcharge Refund Program

Today, First Internet Bank of Indiana (firstib.com) unveiled a new program to refund ATM surcharges its customers incur.

As a real-time Internet-only financial institution, firstib.com does not own or operate any ATMs. As a result, customers of firstib.com may face a surcharge, a fee assessed by the owner of an ATM, when they withdraw funds from other banks' machines.

"Two of the biggest advantages to the consumer of working with an Internet-based bank are usually lower fees and greater convenience," said David Becker, CEO and Chairman of First Internet Bank. "ATM surcharges run contrary to our value proposition, so we've helped our customers to eliminate them."

At the end of each month, beginning with September transactions, firstib.com will calculate surcharges assessed to each customer by the owners of the ATMs they have used. Each customer is eligible to receive a refund of up to $6.00 for those fees. firstib.com will grant refunds on a per-customer number basis. Customers at firstib.com have a base customer number that links together all of the customer's accounts.

firstib.com offers a full suite of banking services that includes checking, money market savings, certificates of deposit, loans, bill payment services, credit cards and ATM cash cards. firstib.com offers significant customer benefits over traditional retail banks including real-time processing of all transactions and continuous services available 24X7 via the Internet, ATM, and touch-tone phone. Customers also enjoy industry leading interest rates on checking, savings, money markets and certificates of deposit.

About firstib.com

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, firstib.com is the first state chartered Internet bank with accounts insured by the FDIC. It is the first "Extended Value Online Bank" to deliver a full range of real-time Internet banking products with personalized interactive services, as well as offering competitive rates. Its business model enables customers to facilitate Internet banking in a real-time environment, as well as empower users to better manage their own finances.