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Buying, building or refinancing a house will likely be one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. When you’re ready to take the next step, you’ll want a bank that offers extraordinary service, a convenient process and some of the best rates in the industry. (Spoiler alert: That’s us!) 

At First Internet Bank, we understand the importance of each step in the home loan process — from finding the best loan option to closing on time. Your First Internet Bank Loan Officer will guide you through the entire application process, making sure you get clear explanations, prompt answers and expert guidance whenever you need a little help. Plus, our state-of-the-art application technology makes it easy to apply and upload your information whenever and however it’s convenient for you. Win-win!

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"If you are looking for a very stress-free mortgage, then you should call First Internet Bank. I could not have asked for a more relaxed and comforting experience. My loan took a total of 25 days from application to close. I have done several mortgages and I can honestly say that not one of them has been this stress-free and there are no high end charges to get the loan. If you need a mortgage, or want to refinance, do yourself a favor and call them. You will get a great rate and the best service."- Terri, Zillow Review
"I am a first-time home buyer who was told by everyone to avoid working with internet banks. I had been referred to a local mortgage broker by a family member who I had been working with alongside First Internet Bank. The process with First Internet Bank was so much easier, and more efficient than my 'local guy.' From start to finish, (Loan Officer) was upfront, educational and easily accessible when needed. Everything he said was accurate and truthful from day one. He even was able to get my loan closed within 4 weeks from when I initially contacted him. Lastly, I hate surprises like most people, and he was extremely accurate with his initial quote for my loan. I will recommend First Internet Bank to everyone I know because they simply take the stress and worry out of the mortgage process. My real estate attorney stated First Internet Bank was a pleasure to work with, and that they have always been great on his other deals."- Brent, Bankrate Review
"I have some rental properties apart from my own home. So far I have taken 5 loans from First IB: Refinance, home equity and new home mortgage loan. All of these experiences were flawless and I always got the best rates and great service. Their electronic document management system and secure email makes it very easy to upload and sign documents. And the staff is very knowledgeable and quick in their response."- Ganesh, Bankrate Review
"First Internet Bank was able to help make our house buying experience easy. Our lender was able to answer questions or concerns at any part of the day. The best part about this service is that it is all online, and I was able to work from my home to complete the loan."- Larke, Zillow Review
"Having gone through mortgage closings four times over the years, I can say without a doubt that you provide a superior experience compared to what I have seen elsewhere. You offered a great combination of responsive and knowledgeable team, technology to zero in on the right documents needed, and proactive engagement to get us the best available rate lock. I appreciate it!"- Stephen, ConsumerAffairs Review

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Let First Internet Bank remove the stress and confusion from buying a home with our simple mortgage application process. As a leader in multi-state home lending, we work to ensure you get the right mortgage at the best rate — and often with a lower down payment than you’d expect!

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Is now the right time to refinance your current mortgage? Whether you want to reduce your monthly payment, shorten the term of your loan or get extra cash, we’ll make the process quick, easy and convenient for you.

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Looking to build your new home from the ground up? In Central Indiana, our innovative construction-to-permanent loan program allows you to finance the construction of a new home, then convert the loan to permanent financing once your home is built — with only one visit to the closing table!

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How do FHA and VA loans differ from conventional loans?

FHA and VA loans are insured and administered by the federal government. Both loan types generally require lower down payments and have more lenient lending requirements than conventional loans. (Only qualified veterans can obtain VA loans.) Additionally, FHA and VA loans have established maximum loan amounts. Not every lender can offer ‘government' loans, but First Internet Bank does. It’s always a good idea to talk to one of our mortgage loan experts, who can help you compare all eligible loan programs to determine which is best for your situation.

What is a home equity line of credit?

A home equity line of credit is a form of revolving credit in which your home serves as collateral. Because your home is likely your largest asset, you should consider a home equity line of credit for the purchase of major items such as education, home improvements, or medical bills and not for day-to-day expenses.

With a home equity line, you will be approved for a specific amount of credit — your credit limit — meaning the maximum amount you can borrow at any one time. Since you can get approved for an amount of credit now and not access the funds until you need them, a home equity line of credit is a good choice if you simply want the ability to access cash as you need it.

With our home equity line, you'll have the ability to access funds, up to the amount of your credit limit, by simply writing a check. A small supply of checks will be sent to you after closing. The monthly payment for a home equity loan is typically based on your daily balance and the daily interest rate.

If you are thinking about a home equity line of credit, you also might want to consider a more traditional second mortgage loan. This type of loan provides you with a fixed amount of money repayable over a fixed period. Usually, the payment schedule calls for equal payments that will pay off the entire loan within that time. You might consider a traditional second mortgage loan instead of a home equity line if, for example, you need a set amount for a specific purpose, such as an addition to your home.

What happens if I have a second mortgage that I don’t want to pay off with my first mortgage?

In this situation, you'll have a little extra work to do. We'll need to get the permission of your second mortgage lender to pay off your existing first mortgage and replace it with your new first mortgage. Generally, their major concern will be the relationship of your new loan amount to the value of the home.

Your second mortgage lender will probably ask us to provide some documentation such as a copy of the mortgage note you'll be signing and the appraisal before they provide their approval. We won't be able to schedule your loan closing until we receive their approval. You may want to consider a lock period of more than 30 days to ensure we don't run out of time.

Am I obligated to continue after I submit my loan application?

There's absolutely no obligation to close the loan with us — even after you submit your loan for approval.

How are mortgage closing fees determined?

A home loan often involves many fees, such as the appraisal fee, title charges, closing fees, and state or local taxes. These fees vary from state to state and also from lender to lender. Any lender or broker should be able to give you an estimate of their fees, but it is difficult to tell which lenders have done their homework and are providing a complete and accurate estimate.

At First Internet Bank, we take quotes very seriously! We've completed the research necessary to make sure that our fee quotes are accurate — down to the city level. Below is some more detailed information to help you understand our fees.

Third Party Fees: Fees that we’ll collect and pass on to the person who actually performed the service. (For example, an appraiser is paid the appraisal fee and a title company or an attorney is paid the title insurance fees.) Fees that we consider third party fees include the appraisal fee, the credit report fee, the settlement or closing fee, the survey fee, tax service fees, title insurance fees, flood certification fees, and courier/mailing fees. Typically, you'll see some minor variances in third party fees from lender to lender since a lender may have negotiated a special charge from a provider they use often, or one that offers nationwide coverage at a flat rate. You may also see that some lenders absorb minor third party fees such as the flood certification fee, the tax service fee, or courier/mailing fees.

Taxes and Other Fees: Fees that we consider to be taxes and other 'unavoidables' include state/local taxes and recording fees. These fees will most likely have to be paid regardless of the lender you choose. If some lenders don't quote you fees that include taxes and other unavoidable fees, don't assume that you won't have to pay them. It probably means that the lender who doesn't tell you about the fee hasn't done the research necessary to provide accurate closing costs.

Lender Fees: Fees such as discount points, document preparation fees, and loan processing fees are retained by the lender and are used to provide you with the lowest rates possible. This is the category of fees that you should compare very closely from lender to lender before making a decision.

Required Advances: You may be asked to pre-pay some items at closing that will actually be due in the future. These fees are sometimes referred to as pre-paid items. One of the more common required advances is called 'per diem interest' or 'interest due at closing.' All of our mortgages have payment due dates of the first day of the month. If your loan is closed on any day other than the first of the month, you'll pay interest from the date of closing through the end of the month. For example, if the loan is closed on June 15, we'll collect interest from June 15 through June 30 at closing. This also means that you won't make your first mortgage payment until August 1. This type of charge should not vary from lender to lender, and does not need to be considered when comparing lenders. All lenders will charge you interest beginning on the day the loan funds are disbursed. It is simply a matter of when it will be collected. If an escrow or impound account will be established, you will make an initial deposit into the escrow account at closing so that sufficient funds are available to pay the bills when they become due. If your loan requires mortgage insurance, up to two months of the mortgage insurance will be collected at closing. Whether you must purchase mortgage insurance depends on the size of your down payment. If your loan is a purchase, you'll also need to pay for your first year's homeowner's insurance premium prior to closing. We consider this to be a required advance.