How is First Internet Bank different from a traditional bank?

In some ways, First Internet Bank is very much like a traditional bank. We offer a full range of banking products and services (checking, savings, credit cards, CDs, mortgages, commercial loans and more). But the most obvious difference between First Internet Bank and traditional banks is that we don’t have any branches. Without a costly branch network to support, we have lower operating costs than traditional banks — and we pass those savings on to our customers in the form of better rates and lower fees!

If you’re wondering how to make a deposit without a branch, there are multiple options for making deposits to your account. You may also be wondering how you get access to your accounts to manage your money. We’ve built an extremely powerful website that puts account information and transactional capabilities at your fingertips.

With our online banking site and mobile app, you can complete online (or on your phone) most of the transactions that traditional banks make you complete in person at the branch. And you’ve already found the “DIY way” to get answers to any questions you may have — the FAQs on our website! But for those questions that require a personalized response, our team of professional, knowledgeable Relationship Bankers are available (outside of typical “bankers’ hours”) to assist you by phone at 1-888-873-3424, chat or email at