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[VIDEO] Get Rolling: ‘Wheel’ Good Advice for Bicycle Maintenance

By on April 4, 2017

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It’s officially spring, and it’s a great time to give your bike a little bit of TLC after the cold weather. Ryan Knapp, a member of the First Internet Bank … Read More

Tips ‘Fur’ Keeping Pets (and Their People) Happy and Healthy

By First IB on April 3, 2017

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For many people, four-legged friends are part of the family. And just like any of our human friends or family, we want what’s best for them. But keeping our cats, … Read More

It’s OK to Spend Money on Yourself — Really (But Be Smart About It)

By First IB on March 27, 2017

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People who spend too much outnumber, by far, those who spend too little. But the methods that therapists and financial planners use to help “underspenders” can guide the rest of … Read More

Use Your Tax Refund Wisely

By First IB on March 24, 2017

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With the tax filing deadline approaching, it’s not too early to think about how you’ll use a refund this year. If you receive a state and/or federal tax refund, here are … Read More

What’s the Difference Between APR and APY?

By First IB on March 20, 2017

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APR and APY mean the same thing, right? Nope. They’re both related to interest rates, but the difference between the two is more than just a single letter. And it’s … Read More

Preventing Tax Return Fraud

By First IB on March 6, 2017

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Identity fraud unfortunately continues to be a booming business: In 2014, 17.6 million Americans fell victim, and cybercriminals made off with $15.4 billion. And despite the IRS’ efforts to stamp … Read More

How to Budget When You Have Seasonal Income

By First IB on February 27, 2017

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Rewarding careers don’t always come with a steady paycheck. For those who work in agriculture, construction, tax preparation, entertainment, landscaping or other types of freelance and seasonal businesses, income may … Read More

6 Tips for Keeping Your Cards Safe

By First IB on February 20, 2017

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Discovering you’ve been the victim of credit card or debit card fraud can be a stressful experience. However, there are actions you can take to minimize the chance of falling … Read More

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