Oh, The Places You’ll Go (With Your First Internet Bank Card)

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Your First Internet Bank credit and debit cards are a safe and convenient way to make purchases anywhere you go. But if you’re planning to head out of town, it’s always a good idea to notify us of your travel plans so we can anticipate unusual spending patterns on your card. Because our systems are always on the lookout for suspicious account activity, we may temporarily “freeze” your card for your protection unless we know where and when you’ll be traveling.

Other tips to keep in mind before you pack your bags:

  • Check your card’s expiration date to ensure it’s still valid. If your card has expired or will expire while you’re away, contact us at least 10 days in advance of your trip to request a replacement card.
  • Review your card limits on daily spending or withdrawals and request an increase if needed. (At First Internet Bank, your limit is your available balance if you’ve had your card for at least six months; otherwise, it’s $750 per day.)
  • If your card is lost or stolen, or if you have problems using your card, contact us immediately at 1-888-873-3424.

Safe and happy traveling! (Don’t forget to send us a postcard.)