Four Simple Rules to Upscale Your Business

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Want to take your business to the next level? Looking for new avenues to generate more revenue and improve your visibility? These simple tips can help, and all it takes is some thought – along with a little effort:


1. Be friendly. In upscale businesses, the customer is always right! If a regular customer asks for something and you can reasonably provide and deliver it in a timely fashion, go for it! That helps build trust and shows that they matter.

  • No matter what business you’re in, having a friendly staff will increase client loyalty. Customers are more likely to recommend your products or services to their friends when they feel valued and understood.
  • A friendly staff also encourages a positive atmosphere, creating greater engagement and interest among your customers.

2. Smile. Smiling makes everyone feel better. Even when you’re in a rush or dealing with demanding customers, be sure to smile and try to put them at ease. It can be small talk about the weather or whatever else might come up in passing conversation. A friendly approach will help them relax…and be more receptive to buying.

  • According to Charles Darwin’s “Facial Feedback Hypothesis,” a positive facial expression feeds people’s mood. It encourages a happier attitude and improves workplace relationships.
  • Even in phone conversations, a smile plays an important role. When you smile, you exude positive energy. While customers may not see your face, they can hear and be influenced by your tone.

3. Provide clear employee responsibilities and job descriptions. Be sure these align with the company’s strategy, so everyone knows their part in making things happen!

  • Clear role definition helps employees confidently increase their competence and value.
  • Make a detailed list of the tasks for the people at your organization. Ensure that your recruitment criteria meet the job’s role and description.

4. Treat your customers like royalty. A little bit of extra effort on your part can go a long way toward making customers feel appreciated.

  • Customer experience is a significant key to Amazon’s growth. From its inception, Jeff Bezos specifically focused on their needs in selection and turnaround time. In doing so, he made sure he left a lasting impression in their minds.
  • Remember: be courteous and do something your customers will appreciate every opportunity you get. Most of all, create a lasting positive impression and respect your customer’s time.


The ability to develop – and maintain – a solid client base is critical to success. There’s no magic formula, but these tips may help you keep customers for the long haul. Good luck!